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If you are visiting Schouwen-Duiveland, Zierikzee is another place you will want to visit. Filled with historic streets and buildings, this small city lends itself ever so well to long walks, rich in nature and culture. Zierikzee is an absolute delight!

Nature in Zierikzee

Located on the Oosterschelde, Zierikzee has plenty of beautiful nature to offer. Needless to say, the beaches on the south coast of Schouwen are not to be missed. The Nationale Park can be spotted as you walk along the harbour toward the Oosterschelde. It is a stunning nature reserve that is perfect for taking a breather. Be sure to bring your binoculars: you can spot plenty of unusual birds in this area, especially near the cart fields which are teeming with shorebirds. Did you know that, with a little luck, you may spot porpoises in the Oosterschelde? Seals are also regularly seen here. You can even go on a seal safari!

Zierikzee toren

Sightseeing in Zierikzee

Zierikzee has plenty of history, and it shows! The city has enjoyed protected cityscape status since 1971 and boasts many listed buildings. The Sint Lievensmonstertoren, also known as the Dikke Toren (the Fat Tower) is the city's tallest tower at 62 metres, and well worth a visit. Construction of this tower began in 1454. If you climb the tower, you will be rewarded with breath-taking views! The Zuidhavenpoort and Noordhavenpoort are both remnants of what was once the city gate, are also an important part of the cityscape. The neoclassical style of the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) and the historic buildings of the Stadhuis and Stadhuismuseum (City Hall and its museum) are also notable. Fun fact: the Stadhuismuseum is transformed into the House of Saint Nicholas every December, a fab place to visit with kids!

    The Fat Tower

    climb the 62-meter 'Sint Lievensmonstertoren'; you will be rewarded with breathtaking views.

    Oosterschelde National Park

    an amazing nature reserve where you can even go on a seal safari!

    Dining out

    for fresh fish straight from Zeeland's waters, Zierikzee is the place to be


Enjoy Zierikzee

Zierikzee is a historic city located in the west of the province of Zeeland, famous for its monumental buildings, lovely streets and picturesque harbour. As such, it is a popular destination for tourists eager to discover the history of the Netherlands. In addition to its many attractions, Zierikzee also offers a great choice of activities, such as water sports on Grevelingen Lake and exploring Schouwen-Duiveland's stunning nature. Enjoy delicious local cuisine in one of Zierikzee's many restaurants and take a stroll through the charming shopping streets. In short, Zierikzee is the perfect destination for a versatile holiday.


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