Vista Maris | by Welcome in

Vista Maris | by Welcome in

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  • At the foot of the Oosterschelde
  • Luxury apartments up to 4 people
  • Basic services within walking distance

A Holiday at Vista Maris

The small Vista Maris apartment complex, at the head of Sint-Annaland, offers luxury apartments with a beautiful view of the Eastern Scheldt. The Eastern Scheldt National Park features an extraordinary landscape of water alternating with sandbanks. Watch the seals on the sandbanks or the countless birds that fly in throughout the year. At this beautiful site, you can breathe in the fresh sea air and relax while listening to the rustling of the wind, the waves lapping on the shore and the cries of the seagulls.  The town centre of Sint-Annaland is within walking distance and provides all basic amenities, including a bakery, butcher, drugstore, supermarket and some small shops. The town also has several lively restaurants. The area surrounding the Eastern Scheldt and the island of Tholen offers seemingly endless activities for hikers, cyclists and water sports enthusiasts.

Vista Maris
    At the foot of the 'Oosterschelde'

    The largest National Park in the Netherlands

    Luxury apartments

    with stunning views of the Oosterschelde

    Fun at the waterfront

    The beach and water sports are at your fingertips

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